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Technical Glossary, Reference

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A daemon is a type of program on Unix-like operating systems that runs unobtrusively in the background, rather than under the direct control of a user, waiting to be activated by the occurance of a specific event or condition.

Data Center
A facility used to house servers. A data center is a safe place to keep a server as it includes backup power supplies, multiple communication connections, and environmental controls.

Dedicated IP Address
A dedicated IP address is different from a shared IP address in that only one cPanel account is assigned to it. A dedicated IP address is needed to install an SSL certificate. There is no SEO benefit or performance difference between a shared and dedicated IP address.

Default Address
The email address to which cPanel routes any email message sent to email accounts which do not exist at a domain. Also known as a Catch-All Address.

A feature that is no longer supported.

DHA (Directory Harvest Attack)
A technique employed by spammers whereby they attempt to find valid email addresses through guesswork, using various permutations of common addresses.

Dictionary Attack
A method whereby a malicious user tries to guess a password using words found in a dictionary. Similar to a Brute Force Attack.

Directory (Folder)
A repository for files, analogous to a file folder on a personal computer. In website management, a directory will contain the website's files.

Disk Space Quota
A limit placed on the amount of disk space an account is allowed to use.

DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail)
The replacement for the older DomainKeys protocol. Like DomainKeys, DKIM attempts to verify the origins of email messages.

DNS (Domain Name System)
The component of the Internet that acts as a "phone book," converting human-readable domain names (such as into computer-readable IP addresses (such as

DNS Zone
An administrative space or portion of the Domain Name System. This space is responsible for directing web traffic to the correct location. An example is, a DNS zone whose servers direct its web traffic.

DNS Zone File
A file on the server that primarily maps IP addresses to domain names. A correctly configured zone file must exist in order for visitors to access your website from the Internet.

The name a site owner gives a website, which will appear in the website's URL and email addresses. Usually seen as, where example is meant for the domain name.

Domain Forwarding
A technique that allows you or your users to automatically send visitors to a domain when they access another domain. For example, a user may reach by typing

A deprecated email authentication method that attempts to verify that a message actually came from the domain it appears to have come from.

The process of transferring data from a remote computer to a local computer. When you copy a file from a computer on the Internet to your computer, you are "downloading" that file.
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