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Technical Glossary, Reference

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Message Transfer Agent
A program responsible for sending and receiving email messages. Also known as a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) or Mail Relay.

MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
The Internet standard for attaching non-text files to standard email messages. Non-text files can include graphics, spreadsheets, word-processor documents, sound files, etc. An email program is said to be "MIME Compliant" if it can both send and receive files using the MIME standard.

To "mirror" something is to maintain an exact copy of it. The most common use of the term on the Internet refers to "mirror sites" which are FTP or web sites that maintain exact copies of material originally stored at another location. Another common use of the term "mirror" refers to writing information to more than one hard disk simultaneously to prevent its loss or destruction.

In encryption algorithms such as RSA, the modulus is the number that both the private and public keys have in common. You can view a key's modulus using the "SSL Key Manager" feature in cPanel.

MX Records
A record that specifies where email should be sent for a domain, as it contains the mail server's IP address. When using a third-party email service or custom mail delivery, you may need to change the MX record for a domain using the "MX Records" feature in cPanel. There are other methods for forwarding messages from a domain to a mail server, but MX Records are the preferred method.

A relational database management tool and server, as well as the type of database it manages. Databases are an integral part of web applications, such as shopping carts, bulletin boards, and blogs. cPanel provides an integrated MySQL interface as well as a MySQL database editing tool called phpMyAdmin.
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