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Technical Glossary, Reference

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A piece of software that obtains DNS information from a physical nameserver, a computer that contains a list of domain names and their corresponding IP addresses. These computers are spread through the Internet and allow visitors to access a domain via its IP address. Nameserver software gathers data about domains over time, therefore, changes to DNS records can take up to a week to reach (or propagate) all the nameservers on the Internet. Example of nameservers are and

The desired mode of manners and conduct for the Internet.

A network is created any time 2 or more computers are connected together to share resources. When 2 or more networks are connected, it becomes an internet.

NIC(1) (Networked Information Center)
Any office that handles information for a network can be referred to as an NIC. The most famous of these is the InterNIC, the original office of domain registration. (Another definition of NIC is Network Interface Card, which plugs into a computer and adapts the network interface to the appropriate standard.)

NIC(2) (Network Information Center)
A unique ID Code issued by to identify contact persons associated with a domain name. There can be up to 3 NIC handles per domain, referred to as 'ADMIN / TECH / BILL', each having its own area of responsibility.
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