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Technical Glossary, Reference

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A feature that sends users to a different domain than the one they were trying to access. For example, a user may reach by typing You can setup temporary or permanent redirects using the "Redirect Manager" feature in cPanel.

A web page that links to a site. Also called an "HTTP referer." This spelling is the industry standard term, though it is based on a misspelling of "referrer."

Regular Expressions
Often seen as regex or regexp, regular expressions are a means of formatting text so that a specified program can process it, using it to search in a prescribed way. A wildcard character, such as an asterisk, is an example of a regular expression.

A program that automatically searches the WWW for files and catalogues the results.

Root Directory
The highest level directory on a server, usually notated by a forward slash.

A webmail client that allows users to check email through an Internet browser rather than an email client.

An algorithm for generating public and private keys when sending encrypted data between a local machine and a remote machine. The name of this method is not an abbreviation; it is named after its three inventors.

RTFM (Read The F***ing Manual)
A commonly used abbreviation in online forums and email, in response to foolish questions or questions already answered in the FAQ. In expurgated texts, substitutions such as "read the flaming manual", "read the fine manual" or "read the friendly manual" are used.
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